aquaSketch Minno Waterproof Scrolling Slate (Pink)

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Created by an illustrator/diver and a designer who worked on NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander program, the pink aquaSketch Minno Waterproof Scrolling Slate is a groundbreaking system enabling you to take notes and draw pictures underwater. It can be worn on your wrist, allowing you to scroll and write with one hand while leaving your other one free, and is compact enough to fit right in your pocket. The Minno features a single, replaceable 5' roll of vellum, so there are no pages to flip or paper clips to keep track of.Print maps, checklists, guides, charts, and more on the vellum, and then simply slide them into the slate. After your dive, you can scan or photograph the scroll to create a digital copy.Built for durability, the Minno is made from corrosion-resistant polycarbonate, acrylic, and stainless steel. It includes a solid graphite pencil, which is connected to the slate by a flexible cord, and an eraser pad.Utilized by NASA, the US military, marine researchers, and search-and-rescue organizations, the aquaSketch Minno expands your note-taking, drawing, and reading possibilities in the rain, on your boat, or beneath the water's surface, and gives you a mobile workstation you can use almost anywhere.

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