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Remote Controls

7.09 (8.58 Inc Vat)
Controls Most Fixture Functions
Wireless Control
In stock

Minimum quantity for "American DJ IR Remote for Inno Pocket Spot" is 1.

28.99 (35.08 Inc Vat)
A compact state-of-the-art receiving unit that quickly plugs into the fixtures Remote Port. Address settings and dimming levels are retained in the light...
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Lowel IR Compact Receiving Unit" is 1.

37.41 (45.27 Inc Vat)
Control Boltzen LED's with Boltzen App
Brightness, Color Temp, & Timer Controls
Includes USB Adapters
In stock

Minimum quantity for "CAME-TV Boltzen Wi-Fi Controller" is 1.

6.13 (7.42 Inc Vat)
Radio Remote
Operates 3 Lights
Zone Control of the LED Grid
In stock

Minimum quantity for "ikan Remote Control for ID500" is 1.

412.77 (499.45 Inc Vat)
For any device that requires DMX slide control to operate, this Mole-Richardson One-Unit DMX Molecontrol is what you need: it works with all single DMX...
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Mole-Richardson One-Unit DMX Molecontrol" is 1.

1,070.70 (1,295.55 Inc Vat)
Controls EoS and Congo Consoles
Long Wireless Range
Rechargeable NiMh batteries
USB Connectivity
Ethernet Port
Includes Power Supply
Cabling Provided
In stock

Minimum quantity for "ETC NET3 Radio Focus Remote Transmitter" is 1.

34.51 (41.76 Inc Vat)
Control your Photogenic PL1250DR and 2500DR monolight setup from your Windows computer.; Utilizes Infrared transmitter hardware.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Photogenic Studio Control for "DR" Series Monolights - Windows Only" is 1.

10.32 (12.49 Inc Vat)
The Wired Remote from American DJ is a wired fog trigger remote for the VF1000 and VF1300 fog machines. The remote plugs into the rear of the fog machine and...
In stock

Minimum quantity for "American DJ Wired Remote for VF1000 and VF1300 Fog Machine" is 1.

25.80 (31.22 Inc Vat)
For Flex Pixel WP Tape
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Elation Professional Flex Pixel IR Wireless Receiver and Remote Driver" is 1.

79.30 (95.95 Inc Vat)
This is the infrared receiver and digital display for use with the Infrared Remote Control Unit (PLIRC1).; Order these individually to add to your remote...
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Photogenic Infrared Receiver & Digital Display for PL300DR, 1250DR, 2500DR" is 1.

91.30 (110.47 Inc Vat)
Control via iOS 7.0+ Devices
Free Litepanels SmartLite iOS App
Control Light Intensity, Dimming
Control Color Temperature
Turn Fan On/Off (Except Astra EP or E)
Grouping Allows Multiple Astra Control
Rename Fixtures and Groups
View Real Time Operating Temperature
View Firmware Version
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Litepanels Bluetooth Communication Module for Astra 1x1" is 1.

29.02 (35.11 Inc Vat)
For Xpress 512 DMX-512 Interface
Up to 18 Pre-Programmed Light Scenes
Scene-Speed Adjustment
IR Wireless Control
Works from a Distance of Up to 15'
Easy Push-Button Operation
Compact & Lightweight at 0.8 oz
In stock

Minimum quantity for "CHAUVET DJ Xpress Remote" is 1.